The internet’s a big place, expanding every day. So how do you make sure you’re catching up on the best of what the web has to offer? By having the right apps and tools at your disposal. Whether you’re interested in news stories in your area of expertise or every published article from one particular source, news apps to help you sort the good stuff from the rest.

With Facebook and other sites constantly changing their approach to just how far different types of content can travel, you need a reliable way of surfacing the best material. Here are our recommendations for the best news apps (including news aggregators and news readers). So you can stay on top of information overload and never miss out on what’s important to you. And, unless otherwise noted below, these apps are all free.


1. Google News Apps

Best for a bird’s eye view of breaking stories

Freshly revamped in the last couple of months, Google News (iOS, Android, web) is now better at gathering the news than ever before. No matter what your interests.

Of particular note are the Full coverage panels, available on bigger stories. They give you a range of sources on a breaking story, plus relevant tweets and videos, and even a timeline showing you how events have unfolded.

On top of that you can follow the topics and news sources you’re most interested in, and give individual stories a thumbs up or a thumbs down, all of which means you’ll get more relevant news the next time around.

While it’s not the most important consideration, the modern-looking app interface certainly helps as well, directing you quickly to the main meat of a story.

2. Apple News

If you want both humans and an algorithm curating news for you

It’s not had as big an overhaul as Google News. But Apple News (integrated into iOS and now macOS) has been given a few upgrades of its own lately, including a new sidebar that pops up on the iPad app.

What’s more, Siri now chimes in (if you want it to) to suggest stories based on the apps you’ve been using and the sites you’ve been browsing in Safari. The more you use Apple News, the theory goes, the smarter it gets at working out what you want to read about.

Top stories curated by Apple’s team of human editors are dropped into the mix as well, giving you a number of options for navigating through the breaking news of the day. You can also browse by category using the headings on the left of the app.

We like the way everything’s kept contained in the Apple News itself. Which means you’re not fighting with 20 open browser tabs to get to the content you want.