rainy season

How to maintain your home in the rainy season?

Everyone loves rain to get rid of the hot summer. Unfortunately, lovely rain can be inconvenient for homeowners. The rainy days create lots of challenges around you. It becomes challenging to keep your home clean because of mud all around. Monsoon can be a nightmare for you if you are not prepared. It can increase the chances of leaks, fungus, mold, chipping paint, and cracks. During the rainy season, you can’t ignore the probability of sudden and unforeseen downpours.

To avoid this situation, you have to invest your efforts and time in preventive measures and cleaning. Prepare yourself well for the rainy season. Make sure to Call Expert Plumbing for roofing and plumbing services. Here are some tips for maintaining your home before the rain to avoid potential damages:

rainy season

Inspect Your Roof

The roof is an essential part of your home to protect you from water and other external elements. It is vital to arrange an inspection for your roof twice a year. In this way, you can deal with rusty spots, holes, and cracks on time.

Your roof should not have any curled, loose, or missing shingle. Immediately replace defective shingles to avoid possible damages to your ceilings or wall.

Clean all the Gutters

Before the rainy season, it is important to inspect all the gutters. You have to clean them before the rain to avoid water damage. They must be able to drain rainwater without any obstruction. If you notice granules, reseal them and avoid the possibility of downpipe clogs.

By cleaning gutters, you can protect windows, sidings, foundations, and doors from water damage. Moreover, it is essential to avoid flooding in basements. Make sure to remove debris and leaves from downspouts and gutters.

Clean all the Gutters rainy season

Inspect Ceiling in Your Home for the rainy season

Once you are done with the outside inspection, work on indoors. Begin your work with the ceiling and if you see signs of leakage, immediately address these issues. Possible signs may be ceiling discoloration, water or mold, and water rings. In addition,

Check windows and doors if they are correctly closed. Remember, water can make its way to your rooms through windows and doors. Make sure to fix any problem with windows and doors before the rainy season.

Avoid Insect Infestation

Remember, monsoon means a humid and warm atmosphere that is ideal for pesky creatures. You may frequently notice insects crawling around your home. No doubt, some insects are entirely harmless, but others can ruin your walls and furniture. Besides,

Several insects spread diseases, such as mosquitoes, termites and earthworms. You have to follow control measures to avoid them in your home. For instance, you can install nets for the mosquito to windows. Anti-termite solutions may help you to treat wooden elements.

Treat Damp Walls

Immediately address wet patches on the ceiling or walls. You have to deal with damp walls to prevent water damages. If wet patches are on the wall, corners or ceilings, you can search for a drainage block.

It is crucial to avoid damp walls during the rainy season. Feel free to use grout, putty or sealant to cover existing cracks on walls and pipes. Waterproofing coating is necessary on the external walls to create obstacles from moisture and rain.  

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