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This page shares my best articles for scans on health, happiness, creativity, productivity, and more additional topics. The central question that drives my work is, “How do we live better?” To answer this question, I would prefer, in short words, about science-based methods of dealing with sensible problems. In addition,

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So you have been deeply targeted at the topics in which you should wish you were taking a breather sooner or later and realized that you could not catch anything else in any case. Say you want to test engineering, and you’re taking mathematics, extra math, physics and chemistry at the AS level. You’ve memorized extra formulas more than you can shake up the gas burner. You recognize enough rules to fill in the alphabet with scientists once in the seventh century. You’ve found a graph you don’t like. However, once the unit in your exam area is complete and the summer holidays are over, you will realize that you have not yet scanned anything that is not a textbook in months and who is the Prime Minister. You are upset. Besides,

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